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Sharkoy Kilims originate from Western Turkey or the region known as European Turkey or The Balkans. A truly outstanding example of an early Sharkoy kilim with cochineal dye, found only in the oldest examples. Sharkoy kilims, also known as Sarköy or Thracian.The weave is very tight and fine, the design is specific to the region; Note the beautiful and rare border design.In very good condition with slight wear. It is hand washed and ready to use. A true collector's item.It is hand washed and ready to use

03-3111 | Sharkoy


    • CODE: 03-3111
    • Size : 5.9 Sq. Meters
    • L x W (ft.) : 9.1' x 7.0'
    • L x W (inch) : 108 x  83
    • L x W (cm) : 277 x 213 cm
    • Material : Wool
    • Dye Method : Natural Dyeing
    • Age : 60-70
    • Origin : Sharkoy
    • Estimated Weight (Kg) : 6.25

    Carpets require regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. We recommend periodic vacuuming and rotation and professional cleaning as required.


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