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Mission Statement


"Our mission is to bring a transparent and honest handmade carpet to the customer in the
e-commerce realm.

We strive to empower the artists, the textile craftsmen and craftswomen of Türkiye and to bring the products to the e- commerce retail market place. To bring a product to the marketplace that is understood by customer, who made it,
where it came from.


The goal is to recognize the makers, women and families who are working from home, and in local establishments. To provide the artisans and Anatolian craftspeople an outlet to sell their products. Where by enriching the lives of the artisans. Each vendor will be treated fairly and receive compensation related to the pieces produced if we have this opportunity in the process. 

 A percentage of the profits will quietly go to an Earthquake charity organization or to support the education of students from the earthquake zone that hit Türkiye February 2023.

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