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Custom Carpets
& Kilims 


Custom Carpets & Kilims Design

Duran Anatolia brings to you talented artisans of Anatolia who continue to present thousands of years of carpet culture The environmental awareness offered by natural wool, cotton and natural dyeing and your original designs in contemporary projects bring together a local culture with a global understanding.


Duran Anatolia collaborates with carpet artisans with extraordinary abilities and experience in their Anatolian workshops. Our custom or bespoke offering is three different type of custom products.

  1. Custom color of existing traditional Anatolian patterns, either in flat weave kilim or cut pile.

  2. Custom design kilim with your own design

  3. Custom design cut pile with your own design


We will work with you, your art work, your sketch to design a carpet within all your parameters, color, size, cost.

Our process with vendors is intimate, closely working with you our client, providing art work and design for your approval

Duran Anatolia will combine your taste and preferences with the experiences of traditional masters of Anatolian carpet artisans. Duran Anatolia's international design experience on the same carpet will add new dimension and excitement to custom process

In the design of a carpet, the delivery time, production timelines will depend on variables

Duran Anatolia will work with you to achieve your desired design.

Contact us for Custom Carpets  & Kilims Services:

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