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Who we are. 

Integrity, hard work, dedication and social responsibility make up the cornerstone for the partnership of  Salim Koc and Karen Suzanne Miller. The partnership of Karen and Salim  is based on a long standing professional relationship and  shared personal aspirations for leaving the world in a better place. 

Their common interest is to bring to the  e-commerce  marketplace and the clients an authentic and trustworthy source for Anatolian Handmade Carpets. In addition, their mission is to lift up and recognize the artisans.  

The recent earthquake in Turkiye brings forth the desire to contribute to women and children with needs. To come to the aid where it  is needed  and to assist with the largest humanitarian crises in modern Turkish history.   


About Us

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Something About Us. 

Karen Suzanne Miller is an American national with international interior design professional experience. Karen has had experience working globally in interior design, in the USA, China, Russia, Gulf Countries, as well as in Turkiye. Karen brings a long history of understanding of quality and artisanal products. Authenticity is a longstanding attribute that Karen brings to her projects and clients, in the understanding of how products impact the design spaces. Handmade carpets have consistently been part of interior design projects and installed in many projects globally. Karen is a professional NCIDQ licensed interior designer. And holds a Master’s of Science in interior design from Pratt Institute in New York City.


Salim Koc is a Turkish national and an executive with a multitude of experiences in the private and government sector, Salim's experience expands beyond Turkiye into the understanding of the global marketplace. During his tenure and under his leadership, Salim managed the renovations of some of the largest hotels properties and resorts owned by the Turkish government. This role was Salim’s gateway into learning and understanding about quality artisanal products. These experiences as well as being the Chief Executive of a global furniture company helped Salim gain deeper knowledge of Anatolian carpets. Salim is a patriot of his country as a long serving government executive. Salim's education includes the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a Master's degree in Public Administration and European Union Specialization Programs.

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