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All Hands In

Our Collaborators & Trusted Friends.
Family, Expert
& special contributors to the Duran Anatolia collection of carpets. Integrity & Transparency are hallmarks of the Duran Anatolia Team

The Collaborators 


Ergin Sezgin 
Istanbul, Turkiye 

Ergin is an Anatolian carpet expert with 35 years  of  experience in the  industry, Ergin is a trusted advisor &  Team  member. 


Zafer Bozdag
Istanbul, Turkiye 

Zafer is a global expert in textiles and dying  methods leading the way for  sustainable  dying solutions using less  water in the  process. Zafer provides  advisory role. 

" I am pure romantic, I am a Luddite, Who Believes that carpet weaving,
one of the oldest weaving in the world, which starte
d centuries ago,
can still be made by hand.

- Ergin Sezgin

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Nicholas Miller
Aurora, Ohio USA

Nick is an agrarian expert, a social  media advisor & 
a shipping manager in USA.
Nick is Karen’s nephew.


Deniz Koc
Ankara, Turkiye 

Deniz is professional Structural engineer & is a contributor of ideas and provides social media expertise.
Deniz is Salim’s son.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-08-13 at 19.27.44.jpg

Muzamil Naseer
Kuwait City, Kuwait  

Muzamil is a Graphic Designer and Web developer, providing creative input and  ideation.


Isabelle Paez
New York City, USA 

Isabelle has 30 years experience  and expertise in design specializing in  Architectural finishes. She is a trusted  advisor. 

Blue Skies
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Raziye Basegmez 
Ankara, Turkiye  

Raziye is expert carpet maker and  Teacher, and an advisor 

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