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  "Handmade Carpets and Kilims are created by knotting woolen threads onto natural wool or cotton weft on a loom. 
   By definition, a handmade loom does not require electricity and does not need a power grid."

Wool is a flame-resistant, high-insulating, naturally moisture-absorbing, flexible, durable and long-lasting fiber. Wool is friendly to people with sensitive skin and the environment, and it also has many advantages over artificial products in terms of hygiene. In short, wool can be called a miracle of nature due to its sustainable properties.

The sheep that provide the wool in carpets and kilims are raised in small herds that graze in mountainous regions near the villages where the rugs are woven. The sheared wool is cleaned by hand and spun into skeins of yarn. Even today, skeins are dyed in a range of colors, mostly created with natural dyes from sustainable sources.

A well-cared for handmade carpet will last for generations.

When you buy a handmade carpet or rug that we offer you, you support a real traditional and family-based handicraft, the production of which in Turkey is disappearing day by day.

Carpet and rug weaving techniques and designs are passed on from parent to child and continue for generations. Because we value these traditions, we strive to offer our carpets and kilims to you with non-exploitative practices based on fair trade standards.

We want to raise up the artisans who make carpets and contribute to increasing their shares in production and the market. We strive to establish fair relations so that they can receive the reward of their labor and love.

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