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Konya is a province located in the central of Anatolia. Konya  Kilims (rugs) generally known for their geometric, floral or abstract patterns, vivid colours, natural dyed wool, as well as being durable and long-lasting. The Kilims produced by different districts or villages of Konya can have their own unique design and color palettes. Konya kilims are generally hand woven in long processes and traditional hand looms are used in this process. It is an important part of Anatolian culture and is often decorated with traditional motifs and symbols. Each rug can carry a story or symbolism. It is hand washed and ready to use

03-3099 | Sivas


    • CODE: 03-3099
    • Size : 4.54 Sq. Meters
    • L x W (ft.) : 7.0' x 7.0'
    • L x W (inch) : 83 x 84
    • L x W (cm) : 212 x 214 cm
    • Material : Wool
    • Dye Method : Natural Dyeing
    • Age : 60-70
    • Origin : Sivas
    • Estimated Weight (Kg) : 7.55

    Carpets require regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. We recommend periodic vacuuming and rotation and professional cleaning as required.


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