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Adana  |  Anatolian Vintage Kilim

Adana kilims are usually woven with woolen threads and include traditional Turkish patterns and motifs. The designs of these kilims often include geometric patterns, stylized plant motifs and abstract ornaments. Colors are generally vibrant and rich.


Adana rugs are important not only as a decorative item, but also as a part of the local community. And they are distinctive with their quality hand workmanship and unique designs and are often used in home decoration or wall decorations

It is hand washed and ready to use .

03-0020 | Adana  |  Anatolian Vintage Kilim


    • CODE: 03-0020
    • Size : 
    • L x W (ft.) : 8'-69" x 3'-93"
    • L x W (inch) : 104 x 47
    • L x W (cm) : 265 x 120 cm
    • Pile Height : Flat weave
    • Material : Wool
    • Dye Method : Natural Dye
    • Age : 30-4years old
    • Origin : Adana, Mediterranean Region

     Carpets require regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. We recommend periodic vacuuming and rotation and professional cleaning as required.


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