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Manastır | Anatolian Vintage Kilim

Manastir kilims originate from the Turkish Balkan region; north west Anatolia. Monastery kilims reflect the special character of the Balkans, which is in intense interaction with Anatolian culture. It usually has vibrant and contrasting colors. In addition to vibrant colors such as red, blue, green and yellow, white and black are also frequently used. Patterns often contain geometric and abstract motifs. The language of simple but aesthetic and decorative patterns is known as a cultural heritage.


Since they are traditionally hand-woven, each rug can have a unique design. The wool used in weaving makes these rugs durable and long-lasting.


This culture, which has been kept alive by women in families, has been passed down as a handicraft through generations. It is hand washed and ready to use .

02-0015 | Manastır | Anatolian Vintage Kilim


    • CODE: 02-0015
    • Sizes :
    • L x W (ft.) : 11'-15" x 9'-94"
    • L x W (inch) : 134 x 119
    • L x W (cm) : 340 x 303
    • Pile Height : Flat weave
    • Estimated Weight: 20.60 kg
    • Material : Cotton & Wool
    • Dye Method : Vegetable Dyes
    • Age : 80-120 years old
    • Origin : Manastir, Marmara & Balkans

     Carpets require regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. We recommend periodic vacuuming and rotation and professional cleaning as required.

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