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Kars is located near the Russian border of Türkiye, produces kilims designed mostly in the Caucasian style. Natural dyed wool is used with the bright and dominant colors navy blue, red and cream. The extremely valuable hand spinning natural wool is used in the hand weaving. The traditional patterns are large geometrical designs. The brown on Kars kilims is the natural color of the sheep fleece. 

03-3137 | Kars


    • CODE: 03-3137
    • Size : 5.47 Sq. Meters
    • L x W (ft.) : 12.5' x 4.7'
    • L x W (inch) : 148 x  56
    • L x W (cm) : 380 x 144 cm
    • Material : Wool
    • Dye Method : Natural Dyeing
    • Age : 60-70
    • Origin : Kars
    • 2Estimated Weight (Kg) : 7.8

    Carpets require regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the product. We recommend periodic vacuuming and rotation and professional cleaning as required.


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